Husky walk

Husky walk

Guided tour where you get to walk your own husky dog.

Garden of the Forest

Discover the healing plants from the forest with our knowledgeable nature guide.

Moose Safari

Search for the king of the forest – a moose safari is one of our best selling tours and a memory for life.

Midnight Paddle

paddling midnattssol

A Scandinavian midsummer night’s dream – a quiet canoe tour in the eternal light of the subarctic summer.

Talking Trees

naturguide vandrar på stig

Guided informative tour of the forest, the trees and the wildlife in the area.

Summer Magic

Par som cyklar i solnedgång vid en sjö

This is the perfect package if you wish to land in one place in Northern Sweden for a full week. Enjoy unbeatably beautiful nature, access to activities as well as silence and daily breakfast. From SEK 478/person per night

Hiking package

Par som vandrar uppför en backe

At Granö Beckasin you have the perfect basecamp for day hikes in the forest. Price from SEK 1420/person per night

Activities – Guided green season

Vy över Granö skogarna

Green season activities at Granö Beckasin Guided outdoor tours – green season Let us take you out into the northern Swedish nature. Experience the fantastic Lapland without any prior experience from outdoor life or the wilderness. Our skilful guides show the way and share their immense knowledge.  Vandra genom djupa skogar längs Umeälven. Read more […]

Timber Log Rafting

En stilla flottfärd på Umeälven

Build your own traditional timber log raft and travel down stream. An analogue, slow and mindful experience.



Catch dinner on your own while staying with us.