How and when to experience the Northern Lights

Northern Lights – or the more poetic Aurora Borealis – is a well known phenomena placed high on the bucket list of many world travellers. Here we'll tell you how and when you best get to experience this magical light show.

Many of our guests at Granö Beckasin check in with a longing and hope to witness the Northern Lights. And rightfully so. It is, to say the least, a mighty experience to see the light dance across the night sky, shifting from green to pink and purple. Right now, travellers are in luck. This coming season (winter 2023-2024) we are still moving towards the peak of a solar cycle, which means there is an unusually great chance to see the Aurora Borealis until July 2025.

Best chances to see

The best time of day is usually around 10–11 pm. Of course, this is not a bad time to snuggle up in a Bird's Nest in the trees, with skylights and a view of the calm waters of the river, reflecting the colors of the sky. However, there are even more reasons you should come to Granö Beckasin to experience the Northern Lights.

  • Near the Arctic Circle, where we are located, you can see the Aurora Borealis from September to March. The chance of seeing it also increases the farther north you go. The season is long, chances are great, and we are open all year.
  • If you go far from city lights, your chances of seeing the phenomena increase. We are located an hour northwest of Umeå, far away from light pollution.
  • With a guided Northern Lights tour, you'll be taken to the best viewing spots and you will learn how to capture the lights in an image. Our guide Petvin has years of experience photographing the night sky.

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