A tasty time travel

Culinary history

Culinary history

Come along on a trip back in time, when the heat came from the wood stove or tiled stove and when the fine clothing squeezed, but was fantastically elegant to wear. A time when the mistress cooked local delicacies in the best way and when the drinks were made of what was on hand for the season.

Our historic evening begins in Beckasingården where you can change to beautiful clothes. A dresser is available to help with sizes and when everyone is dressed you drink a bowl and take a light snack, then walk all together to the neighboring house, the amazing Sjungaregården that dates back to the 1800 century. Here, candles are the only light source and the dinner is taken in the room.

During the evening, a gourmet consisting of eight dishes, all prepared from locally produced ingredients, where each dish has its own special history explained by the matron when served. You can choose to buy carefully selected beverage packages, either with or without alcohol, which suits the food excellently.

When the candles are halfway burned and the food is eaten, about three hours has passed, but the unique experience makes many linger in the snug Sjungaregården and its old environment to enjoy the beautiful clothes and the magical atmosphere a little while longer.

The minimum number of seats is 10 persons.

Next Seating is 18 May 2019.

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Read more about Sjungaregården here.

Cruise through Europe's last wilderness


Timber rafting on the Ume River

Let the ever-bright summer nights in the north give you a memory for life and an adventure you never forget. Experience nature at a really close range and enjoy the stillness of one of Europe's last wildernesses by floating downstream river on a self-built raft made of timber and rope.

You will be helped by our guide to build a sturdy raft that can easily carry six adults. Put the raft in the water and let it cruise at its own pace, between one and three kilometers per hour depending on the water flow, the weather and the wind. You control the three-ton raft with paddles and a long caber.

Our rafting is suitable for those who are interested in a different kind of adventure in nature. You will sometimes need to paddle yourselves sweaty to avoid getting stuck in backwater. On other parts of the river you can lazily sit back and just enjoy the calm journey – soaking in all that the northern nature has to offer.. Stop and have a swim, pick berries in the forest or check out the moose, reindeer, roe deer, fox, hare and a variety of bird species that live in the surrounding nature.

Day Tour
A different day trip together with friends or family. We start immediately in the morning by instructing you in how to build your raft. It takes two, three hours to construct it and our guide is available with all the time to help. You need to be at least two adults in the building of the raft. After the release you decide if and when you want to go ashore. If you wish, we will make a picnic basket with local specialities that you can bring. When you arrive at Ottonträsk your journey on the river comes to an end. Then you disassemble the raft and return all the equipment. You will get picked up for a ride back to the Beckasin Lodge.

The same as a day trip but with an overnight accommodation which is a very cozy and exciting experience. In addition to food, you can also bring a tent and sleeping bags.

A bigger adventure than you can imagine. In the morning we load the equipment and head to the building site of the raft, about fourty kilometers upstreams the river. You will be helped by our guide to build the raft that is then put in the river. You can sleep on board the raft or in a tent on land. You cook your food over an open fire or on a camping stove. On our Seven-day-tour you get all the equipment you ordered and we give you tips on things to see and do along the river. When you have been out on the water for seven days and arrive, you disassemble the raft and return the equipment.

One suggestion is to rent a canoe as an escort boat.
Rafting trips are available every day between June 1 and August 30.
Two swimming adults per timber raft is a requirement.
The tours are always based out of the Beckasin Lodge.

Romantic weekend in the treetops with Cava and pralines

Romantic weekend

Romantic weekend

4290 SEK for 2 persons.

Bring someone you love for a romantic overnight stay in one of our Birds' Nests – our exclusive hotel rooms high up among the treetops. Here you have time to devote yourselves to each other and get away from all the musts. In the room, sparkling wine and pralines awaits you, to enjoy along with the stunning views of the river, the forest and the surrounding area.

To experience our beautiful nature there are many paths and forest roads to discover. Here you have the opportunity to together experience the silence and find peace. In our cosy restaurant, which is fully licensed, you are later served a course made from organic and locally produced ingredients.

After a night high up among the tree tops, where you may have been fortunate to fall asleep to an aurora outside the windows, we will bring you your desired breakfast. It is served at the time of your choosing.

This is included for two people
One night in a nest.
Organic Cava and chocolates. Non-alcoholic alternative available.
Breakfast basket.

Granö bird

Granö Beckasin is based at the shores of beautiful Umeriver - surrounded by nature. Here, you can sleep in a bird’s nest up high i the tree canopy, glide down the river on a timber raft, explore the snow-crested winter landscape on a dog sled and watch the northern lights dance in the sky. Come and listen to the silence. This a place where body and soul find rest.


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