With us you hear the silence

About Granö Beckasin

Welcome to a place where
Both body and soul find peace

The Beckasin is situated in the middle of nature at the beautiful Umea river. With us you experience the silence – around the clock, all year round. We at Granö Beckasin want to open your senses. We want you to get a “birds view” on things, feel free, see the big in the little. We want you to feel good with us.

Hike or go skiing in the forests and enjoy the stillness. View the impressive northern lights and stars on the winter sky. Cruise at a leisurely pace downstream river on a timber raft that you built yourself. Join a knowledgeable guide to the forest to meet the king of the forest, the moose. Feel the wind in your face as happy huskies pull the sled through magical winter landscapes. Yoga and meditate in the glass house with breathtaking views of the river and forests. Enjoy our fantastic food, cooked with great care by organic and locally ingredients and served by people who are passionate about your experience to be special.

We are group of good friends from Granö that own and operate Granö Beckasin. When we started the company Granö Beckasin, we decided to create an ecological destination for nature tourism that opens people’s minds. A destination that is Eco Premium – which is of high quality and is organic.

We wanted to share what we have here in the group and give people from all over the world the opportunity to experience the beauty and beauty of the forest, the river, the wild animals. The quiet, the silence and the peace. The special thing about the eight seasons we have here in northern Sweden. The good and wholesome food we eat. Simply sharing our way of life.

We also wanted to provide opportunities for the people living here in the countryside by creating more jobs, helping start new businesses and building strong networks. All this without damaging the place where we are located, the small village of Granö, one hour’s journey by car from Umeå.

Our big inspirer is called Jan-Erik Sjöblom. A forest man who lived close to the animals and the nature throughout his life. Out of all the animals Jan-Erik loved birds the most. He loved the birds so much that he learned as a child how to preserve them. He did not hunt them but walked in the forests and when he found dead birds he brought them home and preserved them. Jan-Erik’s favorite bird was the Common Snipe. That is why we named our company “Beckasin”. Jan-Erik is no longer with us but his collection of birds is preserved for the future and plans are to one day build a museum for his collection of birds – a house that has the shape of a bird.

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