Bigger than an experience

About Granö Beckasin

About Granö Beckasin

Granö Beckasin is a destination and a hotel in the deep forest of northern Sweden. Our goal and purpose is clear: We want our rural area to thrive and grow. You might say we measure growth not in money, but in the amount of residents and entrepreneurs in our little village.

This has been our purpose from day one.


Granö Beckasin is co-owned by a group of friends from the local area. We started the business in 2007 because people were moving away for work and because the village school was threatened to close forever. Our drive was to save the school, create jobs and with that, reignite hope, enthusiasm and pride.

Eco destination

When we started the business, we decided to create an eco destination offering nature tourism for all senses. An eco premium destination: High quality and organic.

Paddla kanot på hösten

We wanted to share what already exists here in Granö, and offer people from around the world the opportunity to experience the forest, the river and the wildlife. The stillness, silence and peace. The unique eight seasons we have here in northern Sweden. The fantastic food we eat. The outdoor activities and lifestyle that is naturally part of our lives.

Our wish was also to give opportunities to the people who live and work in the area by creating jobs, helping small businesses get going, and supporting strong networks. Always with sustainability as the main focus, never harming the place we live in.

How it worked out

Today, the village school is still here. Granö and other small villages in the are are now places families move to. Small business entrepreneurship is thriving in the area, and people are renovating and fixing houses. We are still working closely with farmers, hunters, bakers and other small businesses. We are still providing jobs and a meeting hub for networks and entrepreneurs.

When you choose to visit us for a few days and partake in our rural lifestyle, you make a difference. A visit to Granö Beckasin is an experience. But it’s really much bigger than an experience.

Our name

When we first opened we drew inspiration from a man from our village, Jan-Erik Sjöblom. He was a nature lover and taxidermist with an enormous collection of preserved birds. Our idea was to open a bird museum. For various reasons, this never happened. But the memory of Jan-Erik still lives with our name, Granö Beckasin. Enkelbeckasin (common snipe), Gallinago gallinago, was his favourite bird.

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