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Dog sledding rides

Dog sledding rides - choose your favorite ride

Each dog sledding tour is an amazing experience – a dreamlike feeling of being close to wildlife and snow covered landscapes. Experience the thrill of being behind a dog sled team with four to six dogs that you can drive as a true musher, or simply let a guide drive.

We make our way through the magical winter landscape, through forests, over marshes and lakes covered by thick ice and snow. All our tours are led by professional guides (even when you drive your own sled).

The tours are offered in collaboration with Spruce Island Husky, just a short walk from Granö Beckasin. All tours start at their kennel.



  • Dress warm for your dog sledding tour. You can borrow winter clothing, included in your price.

  • Minimum age to drive a dog sled is 15 years or at least 160 centimeters long. You must weigh at least 50 kilos.

  • Kids under the age of 3 are not allowed on the tours for safety reasons

  • Pregnant women are not allowed on the tours for safety reasons

  • If the temperature is below -20 celsius, we don’t allow children under age 12 to join

  • Between -28 to -32 celcius, we shorten the long trip to a 1.5-hour trip. From -32 and colder, we cancel all trips.

In collaboration with


Our dog sledding tours

A taste of mushing

This tour is one of our shorter tours and it is suitable for anyone who wants to try to drive your own dog team supervised by a guide. You don’t need to have any prior experience of dog sledding or be in great shape to do this tour.

hundspann i motljus
Hundspann i solnedgång

Aurora Wilderness

An amazing tour suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to or isn’t able to drive their own dog sled. In this tour you and your group sit on a larger sled, driven by a professional guide. The sled is big enough for up to four adults, and you’ll be sitting on reindeer felt.

Become a musher

This tour is suitable for anyone who wants to drive their own dog sled in a more hilly terrain supervised by a guide. It’s good if you have some base fitness so you can help the dogs running up hill. You don’t need any prior experience from dog sledding to complete the tour


Musher for a day

This tour is suitable for more active individuals who want the experience of running your own dog sled for a whole day, supervised by a guide. The tour runs in hilly terrain over mountains, down in valleys, over marshes and ice covered lakes. The tour is a bit more demanding than our shorter rides.

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