Dog sledding at Granö Beckasin

Dog sledding

We have a close collaboration with Spruce Island Husky, a local company that offers dog sledding tours in the beautiful winter landscape. This experience is on many guests’ bucket list – and for a good reason. To try dog sledding in Sweden is an amazing outdoor experience. It will take you across the frozen river, the snow covered fields and magical winter forests. To cuddle with the huskies is another highlight. In summer you can try dog sledding in wheels. 

Vy över Granö skogarna

Activities – Dog sledding


Dog sledding rides

Each dog sledding tour is an amazing experience – a dreamlike feeling of being close to wildlife and snow covered landscapes. Experience the thrill of being behind a dog sled team with four to six dogs that you can drive as a true musher, or simply let a guide drive.
Husky valp

Husky House

This guided tour of the kennel teaches you about the history, training and work of the husky. Plus, you get to cuddle with the dogs and puppies.

Dog Sledding on Wheels

Now you can experience dog sledding in the green season. Take to the woods on this thrilling ride.

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