Hike through the deep forests of the north



Hiking in the forest is a quiet, beautiful experience. Straight from the hotel, our marked trails lead you through the soft mountains and deep forests along the river valley of Umeälven. Listen to the silence, experience the stillness and take in the scents of the forest. 

Choose the trail that suits you best: from 2 up to 12 km. Our reception staff will be happy to help and supply you with a hiking map. 

Map of trails up to 5 km

Map of trails up to 12 km

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Insider’s tips!

Hike from nearby town Vindeln all the way to Granö Beckasin on the so called Tvåälvsleden. The distance is 28 km and we are happy to help transport your luggage. When you arrive, enjoy a well deserved dinner and a good nights sleep.

Map of the trail

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Two other nearby trails within an hour by car: Isälvsleden and Tavelsjöleden