Moose Safari – a visit to another world

One of the strongest and most known symbols of the Swedish wilderness must be the moose. Therefore it is no surprise that souvenir shops are overflowing with pot holders, stickers and tea cups decorated with the silhouette of a moose. It’s also not surprising that a Moose Safari is high on the wish list of many Europeans. 

With its majestic being, the moose – named the king of the forest – lives in the forests around Granö Beckasin. Of course the moose will know no borders. The moose freely moves between our region of Västerbotten and Lapland, only a couple of long strides away. However, catching a glimpse of this handsome animal is no easy mission. On a Moose Safari, our experienced local wilderness guides will take you through the experience. They know when and where the chances are the highest to see the shy moose. 

How a Moose Safari works

When you join a Moose Safari with us, about an hour north west of Umeå in the north of Sweden, you will gain real knowledge about the moose’s life and habits. You’ll take a seat in a mini van and get to know about their feeding areas – which vary with the summer and winter seasons – as well as where they sleep, how they move and how they act.

For a few hours around dusk we search for traces of moose, but also other wildlife. With the help of your guide’s expertise and local knowledge, as well as binoculars and patience (oh, and some nice Swedish fika of course) the chances of spotting the characteristically long legs amongst the trees are great. The experience will be a memory for life. Imagine seeing a moose move with grace and elegance, despite its grand size. Imagine looking into the eyes of a wild animal. Or just feeling a tickling excitement as you step into their world for a short moment.

How to plan a Moose Safari

In short, it’s not for nothing that the Moose Safari is one of our most popular activities. However, to look for the king of the forest simply works better in some seasons than others. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Granö Beckasin if you want to book a stay where a Moose Safari is the main attraction. We are happy to help find the best time of year for a great experience.

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