How to use the midnight light in the best way

For about 100 days each year, something magical happens in northern Scandinavia. The light arrives, and it stays. It never gets dark.

At Granö Beckasin, we cannot brag about true midnight sun – that only happens north of the arctic circle. But we do fully indulge in the bright nights that go by a variety of poetic names: midnight dusk, white nights or midnight light. This is when the sun sets, but only for a short time, and as a result it never really gets dark. 

The brightest night occurs at summer solstice, around June 21st. For a few months around this point we, and our guests, live with these lovely bright nights. 

As a guest at our hotel, we look out for your sleep needs and provide all windows with curtains. From the skylights in the tree houses we call Bird’s Nests to the windows of each little cabin and hotel room, we have you (well, the windows) covered. 

But we’d still like to encourage you to sleep a little less than you normally would, if you visit us this time of year. Stay up longer. At least an hour or two beyond midnight. You’ll never forget the experience.

Here are some wonderful ideas for a bright midnight light night

  • Canoeing in the midnight light. Quietly glide on the calm river, and just take in the explosion of sounds from the birds around you. Book a guided tour and let our experienced staff instruct you how to paddle in the softest possible way, barely making a sound. Spend a few hours on the river and experience the most beautiful places.
  • Go swimming. Act as you would in the day, but in the middle of the night. Just a little quieter and more still. You might feel like you are a visitor in a different world, as you go swimming in the bright night. After the swim, sit around the fire with a snack and a drink and just take in the experience. 
  •  Take photos. The light is a photographer’s dream. And it stays soft and gentle for hours. Go out into the forest, the field or along the river. Everything will look a little different, and you might catch sight of wildlife like you have never before.

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