Bird’s Nests – the story about our tree hotel

On a hill by the river in the little village of Granö, only a quick bird’s flight from Swedish Lapland, grows a handsome collection of tall pine trees. This is where our tree hotel was first built in 2012. These are the tree houses that put Granö Beckasin on the map of unusual places to stay in Scandinavia.  

Today we have a total of 6 Bird’s Nests onsite. That’s what we call these dwellings in our tree hotel you see: Bird’s Nests. They are basically low key luxury hotel rooms. As such, they offer lots of light, skylights and a magnificent view of the water and the forest.

High up in the treetops, you can expect a feeling of hovering and take part of a different world. You might be reminded of the tree houses of your childhood – we even give you a breakfast basket! We just don’t deliver it with a pull-up rope. Another big difference to a child’s tree house is that in this tree hotel you are in a well insulated real house, with a bathroom, a fluffy robe and a comfortable big bed. But that feeling of a secret fort, it is still the same. 

Why we built the nests

So why did we build these hotel rooms in the trees? Well, around 2006 when the discussions begun to create a destination for tourism here in Granö, there were also plans of building a bird museum. A local taxidermist, Jan-Erik Sjöblom, had in his will donated an enormous collection of birds to the local authorities. The plan was to show them to the world.

Both the birds and Sjöblom’s gentle nature loving persona were the inspiration when a group of locals sat down and begun brainstorming ideas about a hotel, a restaurant and activities. A bird museum was the vision and focal point. From that, other ideas evolved. The graceful single snare, in Swedish enkelbeckasin and Jan-Erik Sjöblom’s personal favourite bird, gave name to the project: Granö Beckasin. Architects were brought in and started sketching tree houses inspired by the birds’ nests.

For various reasons, the bird museum never happened. However, at the hotel you can enjoy a small collection of Sjöblom’s crafted birds, as a reminder of what was once the main inspiration for the place.

Our Bird’s Nests are still there. As an invitation to live like a bird for a night or two. And as a hommage to this nature loving man and his impressive life’s work and legacy.

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