Travel by timber raft and stay in a tree tent

Rafting 8 days

Flottfärd 2018
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The most beautiful part of life are the memories that we create together.

During a rafting tour on Umeriver you spend a week in the wild and get back in touch with nature and yourself. With some amazing teamwork you build your own timber raft out of logs and rope. The cosy raft will then become your home for the tour. Out on the water, you are surrounded by calm. Just let go and watch the birds, the river and the wide-open sky above you. Explore the wooded shore and small islands. Debark anywhere you please and pitch your tent. Spend the evening at the river, go fishing, make a BBQ, take a swim and enjoy a good conversation around the campfire. You can book a special highlight on the tour and sleep peacefully in one of our fascinating hammock tents in the trees. After a week you return to civilisation – deeply relaxed and with unique holiday memories. This tour is a wonderful adventure for couples, friends and families with older children that can swim

Tour description

Get close to nature and yourself during this 8-day wilderness rafting trip. We meet for an introduction on Friday afternoon at 17.00 at Granö Beckasin. On Saturday morning, we leave early for the wild. You will reach the finish point on Thursday and travel home again on Friday. All in all, you got two traveling days and six days on the river. Sometimes, it’s possible to extend your river days to seven if you ask us beforehand.

Day 1

Upon arrival at Granö Beckasin, you check into the camping area or one of our hotel rooms. In case you would like to stock up on some snacks, visit our local village shop. At 17.00, you meet one of our rafting guides to get an introduction into equipment and building techniques. In preparation for tomorrow, you can now practice the knots on our demonstration raft to get familiar with how they’re done. Afterwards, you can eat dinner at our restaurant or prepare your own in the camping area.

Day 2

The next morning, we meet at 8.00 sharp to pack the last gear into the van and drive upstream. Raft building then takes place on special metal frames at the river shore. The frames allow us to build on land, which is more comfortable than standing in the water. After a short introduction, you coordinate your team to roll different sized timber logs in place and build two 3,5×3,5m raft sections. While you are building, our guide will be there to explain all the steps. Once complete, the two sections are tied together to become one 3,5x7m raft. Finally, you add a tarp and a motor to your raft. The finished raft then consists of about 100 timber logs. Two regularly fit adults can build such a raft in 6-7 hours. If your team consists of four to six people, the building will be a little faster and you can split into a transport and an assembling team which is very effective.

When your raft is complete, you learn how to operate the wooden steering poles, paddles and the back-up motor. The motor can be useful in case of headwind or if you find it hard to steer the raft. Once you are familiar with the motor, we take a look at the river map together so you understand how to read it and determine where you are during the tour. The map indicates some camp site recommendations but you can stop anywhere as long as you are in accordance with Swedish ‘Allemansrätt’ rules for outdoor activities. You can find these common-sense rules written down in the map/handbook. Lastly, you receive an emergency contact telephone number in case you should need help during your tour. Then it’s time to say good-bye and start your adventure on the river!

How exciting or relaxing the rafting tour will be, varies on the different river sections and weather. Sometimes, you will have action-filled paddling sequences when you fight to get out of a backwater or steer the raft towards the other shore. Then there are sections where you are just peacefully drifting along and can enjoy the beautiful landscape. Umeriver has wooded shores and the trees often grow all the way down to the water. If you are interested in birdlife, do bring some binoculars. Depending on season, you can watch some terns, snipe birds, Canada geese or Eurasian curlew that breed on the little river islands. Fishing is free and if you’re lucky you can catch a nice fish for dinner. In the evening, you park the raft at the shore and make camp for the night.

Now you can either build up your tent on land or sleep directly on the raft. Most of the camping and kitchen gear that you need during the trip can be rented for a low fee from us or you bring your own. The same goes for rafting food. We offer a rafting menu with easy-to-follow recipes including some local delicacies such as dried reindeer and moose meat. All ingredients are included in a box to take with you. Alternatively, you just bring your own food along. After dinner, you can spend the evening swimming, fishing, reading a book or taking a hike in the forest. Swedish summer nights are often bright and warm. Sometimes you can even sunbathe. The next morning, you prepare breakfast and continue downstream on your raft.

Following river routine, the days will fill up with rafting, cooking, eating, swimming, relaxing and sharing some little adventures. You might notice, that with every day out in nature, you feel more relaxed and suddenly find yourself having deep conversations about what really matters for you in life. Following the river downstream can turn into an almost meditative endeavour where you operate within nature’s rules such as wind, river flow and the sun. Realising the amount of water flowing downstream day and night in eternal repetition of nature’s water cycle can evoke a humbling calm perspective on our insignificant daily troubles. Enjoy the evening with a cosy campfire, share stories and reflect on your time together.

Day 7

On Thursday, you will reach Ottonträsk bay and cross over to the eastern shore. There is a floating wooden enclosure in the water and you park the raft within. Give us a call that you landed and start unloading. Undoing the raft is quite easy, you just open the knots and push the logs down in the river. You coil the ropes and leave the logs floating in the water. This will take around two hours. Once you are finished, our guide will drive you back to Granö Beckasin where you hang up the ropes to dry and return the equipment.

Now you can check in at our campground or hotel again and relax around our Lodge. Maybe play some miniature golf?

Day 8

The next morning, you check out to return back home with your backpack filled with river memories

What´s included

  • 8-day trip on Umeriver
  • 5-7 hrs raft building with guide
  • Rafting on the river without guide
  • 2 hours undoing the raft downstream without guide
  • Minibus transfer back to Granö Beckasin
  • Raft building materials: life vests, logs, rope, paddles, poles, a backup motor and a tarp
  • Rafting gear: laminated river map, safety buoy, first aid kit, matches and bucket for fire making, garbage bag
  • Experienced rafting guide
  • Tour languages: English, Swedish and German
  • Optional: scouting canoe, fishing rod
  • Optional: rafting menu and food
  • Optional: Trangia gas stove and kitchen gear
  • Optional: Regular 2-3-person tent, sleeping bags and mats

Good to know!

  • Everyone is welcome but you need to be able to swim. To build a raft, you need at least two adults with a regular fitness level. If you are more people, the building will of course be easier. Your double raft can support the weight of up to twelve adults but since you build on a tarp, we recommend 2-5 people plus baggage on board. Please let us know if you should have any relevant medical conditions we should know about.
  • When do we meet?Already paid online? Then just come to the meeting point 10 minutes before the tour begins. Otherwise plan in some extra time to pay at the Lodge.
  • Late arrival:please make sure to arrive on time to avoid missing the tour. Our guide is waiting for you and other guests may have booked tours before or after yours, so it’s important to be on time. So, in case you run late, please call us as soon as possible so we can try to solve the situation.
  • What should I wear?Please wear suitable boots for the raft building as well as working gloves and a hat as sun protection. On the water, we also recommend waterproof sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses and a wind-proof jacket. Please dress according to weather. On a windy day, it can be nice to have a long pair of trousers and warm jumper.
  • Tour packing list: 30 days before the tour you will receive a packing list with further information from us

Price & extra

  •  1-2 persons, 3600 sek/person
  • 3 persons 3480 sek/person
  • 4 persons 3420 sek/person
  • 5 persons 3384 sek/person
  • 6 persons 3360 sek/person
  • children 5-15 år 50% discount
  • under 5 year 75% discount

Before your adventure on the Umeriver you maybe need to hire som extras from us, we have everything you need on the raft.

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mattress
  • Trangia gas stove with gas
  • Kitchen gear
  • Rafting food (menu & ingredient
  • Canoe 



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