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Historic dining

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Historic dining

Come along on a trip back in time, when the heat came from the wood stove or tiled stove and when the fine clothing squeezed, but was fantastically elegant to wear. A time when the mistress cooked local delicacies in the best way and when the drinks were made of what was on hand for the season.

Our historic evening begins in Beckasingården where you can change to beautiful clothes. A dresser is available to help with sizes and when everyone is dressed you drink a bowl and take a light snack, then walk all together to the neighboring house, the amazing Sjungaregården that dates back to the 1800 century. Here, candles are the only light source and the dinner is taken in the room.

During the evening, a gourmet consisting of eight dishes, all prepared from locally produced ingredients, where each dish has its own special history explained by the matron when served. You can choose to buy carefully selected beverage packages, either with or without alcohol, which suits the food excellently.

When the candles are halfway burned and the food is eaten, about three hours has passed, but the unique experience makes many linger in the snug Sjungaregården and its old environment to enjoy the beautiful clothes and the magical atmosphere a little while longer.

The minimum number of seats is 10 persons.

Next Seating is 18 May 2019.

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Read more about Sjungaregården here.


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